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I’d died, long time ago.  Still remember how I took my own life  I looked at myself in the mirror I looked at my face  My eyes  My nose My lips  I looked at my hair  My neck  My cheeks    I looked at my bony shoulders  My breast  My skin   I took my life and offer it to others around me I gave them my light  My smile  My hopes  I gave  them all I had  So they would grow Now, I’m just soulless  I forgotten  how to breath  I forgotten who I was  And what were my dreams When I look at the mirror  I don’t  see the person I used to see  She’s looks much older  skinnier As fragile as can be 

Her Shadow

In the golden hues of twilight, her silhouette trailed behind, As we strolled to our cherished ice cream shop, so kind. Beneath the radiant sky, by the riverside flow, Near that enchanting park where memories would glow.

Through days, weeks, and months, her shadow lingered still, Between our FaceTime calls and laughter, a secret thrill. An inseparable presence, a constant companion to behold, But fate's whimsy unfolded, a tale yet untold.

A fateful moment arrived, when her shadow took him away, Leaving me to reckon, to understand, and to betray. In that stark revelation, obscured by my own sorrow, I realized, with heavy heart, that I had been the shadow.



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