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I’d died, long time ago.  Still remember how I took my own life  I looked at myself in the mirror I looked at my face  My eyes  My nose My lips  I looked at my hair  My neck  My cheeks    I looked at my bony shoulders  My breast  My skin   I took my life and offer it to others around me I gave them my light  My smile  My hopes  I gave  them all I had  So they would grow Now, I’m just soulless  I forgotten  how to breath  I forgotten who I was  And what were my dreams When I look at the mirror  I don’t  see the person I used to see  She’s looks much older  skinnier As fragile as can be 


مثل  خورشید  از  خواب  بیدار شو 

مثل  رنگین  کمان  رویایی  باش 

مثل  ستاره  دلبر ی  کن 

مثل  ماه  بخشند گی 

مثل  زمین  زندگی 


مثل  من  عاشقی 


  1. و همه اینا به شب ختم میشه.

    و مثب شب خاموش شو


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