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I’d died, long time ago.  Still remember how I took my own life  I looked at myself in the mirror I looked at my face  My eyes  My nose My lips  I looked at my hair  My neck  My cheeks    I looked at my bony shoulders  My breast  My skin   I took my life and offer it to others around me I gave them my light  My smile  My hopes  I gave  them all I had  So they would grow Now, I’m just soulless  I forgotten  how to breath  I forgotten who I was  And what were my dreams When I look at the mirror  I don’t  see the person I used to see  She’s looks much older  skinnier As fragile as can be 

Time traveler


I'm becoming a time traveler in my life 

I'm going to find me

and this time 

I'll be kinder 

I'll be friendly 

I'll be patient

I'm going to tell her to follow me 

I want her to come with me 

and chase me through 

the things we know its not good for us

the things we can't begin to imagine

the beautiful things 

the wild things 

looking for a moment of magic 

where there is more water than fire 

where there is more light than dark


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